Working with both artists and photographers from around the country, as well as using my own personal photographs, I use a laser-printer toner-transfer technique to create polymer clay pendants with their artwork.  I also create custom, one-of-a-kind pendants for clients.  In order to create these pendants, I first mix a custom blend of various polymer clays.  I then transfer the image to the clay, baking the image, backing, border, and sealing coats in separate steps.  Then I use four different grit levels of sanding and buffing to create a river-stone smooth finish for the pendant.  Using a handmade bail, I attach the pendant to a necklace I have designed and created using different chains, glass beads and semi-precious stones to capture the colors, mood, and attitude of the original artwork.  The end result is a traveling art gallery composed of one’s favorite pieces.

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